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"August Wolff is a gentle and inspiring healer, facilitator, as well as educator who possesses the qualities of patience, magic, and intuition. It was a pleasure attending their Sex and Tarot class where I uncovered new insights about my Strengths and Challenges - sexually and as a person. Through the sessions and guidance received, I am able to better understand the small steps needed to move forward with my life. The process has been gentle, yet profound at the same time. One can expect to be well supported and lovingly handled through the work with August Wolff. I would recommend this workshop and also the services of August Wolff to others."

- Dr. Martha Tara Lee, Relationship Counselor and Clinical Sexologist of Eros Coaching

'I initially went to see August to work through issues with anxiety, specifically social anxiety revolved around leaving the house. We worked together in person and via Skype.


August’s sessions were always kind, non-judgemental and really supportive, which gave me the space to really unfold and dig deeper into underlying and contributing factors to the anxiety. We were able to gently unravel old traumas and pain points in the energy bodies in ways that were supportive rather than re-triggering.


We worked with lots of different therapy methods like parts therapy, focusing, art therapy techniques, energy healing, visualisation. August offered supportive plans and tools to help me reach goals and created the space for me to be myself in all my parts.


It’s the first time in counselling I have ever felt like I could just be myself and that I would be seen, heard, held and supported and encouraged. I felt like August saw me and believed in me, that in itself is priceless. It’s the first time in counselling where I didn’t leave the sessions with re-triggered trauma or a vulnerability hangover. August created spaces where we could really dive deep but I was also able to walk out the door at the end, grounded and whole.


August’s holistic counselling sessions are a gift I am so glad I invested in myself. Since working with August I have grown through my anxiety, have been able to leave the house with greater ease, gain employment in a busy retail setting, gently push my boundaries and learn to love and be gentle to the myriad of parts, energies and memories of Self.'

- S

"August Wolff's Sex and the Tarot course is a rich dive into the unconscious - playing with archetypes, creativity and magick. August brings clear joyful intention while offering exciting processes and invitations to the group and each of its members. The online format worked surprisingly well, allowing for connection and self revelation from the comfort of your home. Tarot cards from Wolff's Cartomancy served as a great tool for visualisation, self enquiry and internal shift. From my own workings and from the sharings of others, I took away a greater appreciation of sexuality as a multifaceted whole which embraces love, lust, art, compassion and self expression and also, courage and inspiration to step further into my own capacity for receptivity and sensitivity."

- Carin

During my counselling with August I feel so heard. Properly heard. It is so refreshing and comforting as a neurodivergent queer person, to speak with a neurodivergent queer counsellor. Being able to openly share about experiences and inner questioning with my sexuality, identity and relating to the world and others; with someone who I can truly relate with. I am able to speak so freely, without feeling like I am being judged or that I need to censor my sharing.

I’m used to counsellors normally just hearing what I have to say and saying that’s all they can do, just listen and then throwing in generic words of encouragement afterwards. Whereas August will deeply listen and then ask me such insightful questions; prompting me to further explore and reflect upon how I truly feel, as I often can get very muddled and confused. These questions that August asks would almost take me off guard, because it showed me that they were actively listening and thinking about the things I was sharing. They even offered perspectives and insights I sometimes hadn’t considered, but I really resonated with.

August has such a calm and comforting manner, with an ability to hold space that I have rarely experienced with other counsellors. I would gladly recommend their services to others looking for an open minded counsellor with such great interpersonal skills. 

- J. Jones

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