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Workshops and Education

Held in person and online on topics ranging from gender and sexuality, non-monogamy, consent, trauma informed intimacy, disability advocacy and more.
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          Embodiment Rituals

This is a non-sexual service designed to support the releasing of sexual or body trauma, shame, fear or limiting beliefs. Rituals are individualised, go for about 2 hours on average, and support people in learning about themselves, building intimacy in relationship, experiencing ecstasy or catharsis and feeling seen and held.

A ritual will usually involve rope and other sensory materials as a medium, non-sexual touch and emphasise a meditative state. Nudity is not required, but optional. Each ritual is designed to meet the client’s intentions and boundaries. 

Other less intimate ritual options include handfastings, seasonal celebrations, rites of passage, house and home warmings and other personalised options.

For one person, couples, larger relationship configurations and groups/events.

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