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August Wolff is a qualified Holistic Counsellor and Complementary Therapist with an extensive background in the disability sector. Their counselling practice is strength based and neurodiversity affirming,  acknowledging the effect that painful experiences from the past and everyday life can have on overall wellness, without being pathologising. 

August has spent about a decade studying various psycho-spiritual approaches, focussing on personal development, the effect of ritual and intention on overall wellbeing, and social and environmental connectedness. Complementing this is 8 years of learning and experience in kink and sex-positive spaces around the world. This has informed an approach that values safety and consent, reducing shame, overcoming trauma and educating others on the power of mindful space-holding. August runs trauma informed workshops and educational sessions that focus on these principles and give people a grounded space to explore embodied expression and authentic relating.

August uses a Person-Centred approach and borrows from Gendlin Focussing, Ericksonian Hypnosis, art therapy, breathwork, Gestalt Therapy, polyvagal theory, Internal Family Systems and mindfulness. Their work is emotionally and somatically focussed while also looking at the big picture of a client's life - acknowledging that physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing are interconnected and each supports the other.

- member of AusPATH (Australian Professional Association for Transgender Health)
- Postgraduate Certificate in Counselling from Edith Cowan University
- dual Diploma in Complementary Therapies and Holistic Counselling 
- Diploma in Community Services
- Cert 3 Children's Services

On a more personal note...

August grew up nomadically, being raised in a variety of family structures and environments. This has given August a diverse cultural perspective on relationships and ways of finding belonging in the world.

Being queer, trans and non-monogamous allows August to value ways of being that tend to be misrepresented and stigmatised. Acutely aware of the shortage of LGBTQIA+ mental health support available, they are passionate about helping those whom the system so often fails.

Their own experience navigating trauma, neurodiversity and disability through holistic wellbeing approaches and psychotherapy has given August both empathy and a strong determination to support others in healing and self acceptance. 

August sees clients privately in person and via zoom or over the phone. They also run workshops in person around the country, internationally and online.


For more information please get in touch via the 'Contact' page

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