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Queer Therapy 

 Because you deserve someone who ‘gets it’.

Have you ever walked into a service with pride flags in the window, feeling hopeful, only to waste precious time and energy, explaining the basics of your identity to someone? Maybe you were there for much needed support and found yourself educating, or having to censor part of your story just to get some help?

I have. And it’s not good enough.

Which is why I offer an alternative to performative allyship in mental health and wellness.

My work is down to earth, open minded and inclusive. Aiming to foster a greater sense of safety, confidence and freedom in a changing and often challenging world.

Hello and Welcome


I’m August Wolff.

And I'm a qualified counsellor and complementary therapist.

I work with both straight, cis and LGBTQIA+ adults using a holistic approach. My work is client focussed and trauma informed, and emphasises somatic connection with self and other. 

It’s my greatest honour and joy to provide  space for others to explore who they are, in order to flourish and thrive as all they can be. 


 I offer sessions in person, via zoom and over the phone.

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